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About The Rancher's Resource
  As a seventh generation cattlemen growing up in the Texas Hill Country and spending a life devoted to agriculture, Casey has seen first hand the challenges facing the rancher today. It was not until he left the commercial ranch at home that he discovered the challenges did not stop at the ranch gate.

While attending Texas A&M University, Casey was a member of the National Champion Senior Meats Judging Team. There he discovered vast differences in beef carcasses and the need for greater meat quality in today’s cattle genetics.

  As a Regional Manager for the American Angus Association, Casey used his skills in marketing, herd improvement, networking, salesmanship, herd management, communication, managing association affairs, and developing advertising and promotional programs. Most importantly, Casey saw the need for an experienced, non-partial, advisor to the cattleman that would not be restricted by company policy or time restrictions.

In addition to his breed association work, Casey was a ranch manager for a large progressive commercial cattle operation and a registered operation consisting of Angus, Charolais, Hereford, and Brahman breeds. He has also been a Territory Manager for a livestock pharmaceutical company.

As the owner/ operator of The Rancher’s Resource, Casey blends his extensive livestock skills and expertise with his people skills to offer a complete cattle service to breeders that seek greater profitability and acceptance in the cattle industry.

The Rancher's Resource • Casey and Erin Worrell

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