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Additional Services
  Consulting Services
The Rancher’s Resource will help direct your cattle experience to meet your needs.

We offer a wide range of services to help you including: ranch business plans, herd appraisals, coordination of yearly ranch activities, private treaty sales, and cow herd analysis. Furthermore, we will help take the confusion and frustration out of selecting the best sire to accomplish breeding goals in a systematic plan.
  Marketing and Promotion
Selling cattle is as much of an art form as breeding cattle.

We have all seen cattle sell for more than they are worth because of good marketing. On the other hand, we cannot expect even the best cattle to sell themselves without any promotion. Customers must first know something about your cattle before they will invest in your genetics. Would you buy a truck before even driving it or looking inside at the interior? Let The Rancher’s Resource help you develop a marketing and advertising plan in order for you to get the most return on your hard work.
Pictures don't lie.

While good pictures of your cattle are crucial to successfully promote and advertise your operation and product, a bad picture will do more harm than no picture at all. The Rancher's Resource will take pictures by the day or by the animal to provide a service for everyone. All photos will be provided in digital or print form. In addition, we offer ethical photo editing to fix the lighting and background.
  Ring Service
Sales are an important part of the purebred cattle business.

It is important mainly because your sale results may affect how your operation operates for a year or maybe longer. On this important day when so much is riding on its success, you want a sale staff that represents you in a positive and effective manner. Casey Worrell worked as ring man in over 50 sales in 2004 and has the experience to help you and your buyers.

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